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Get Help From A Medicaid Attorney in Greenfield, IN

Medicaid is a federal program that is independently administered in each state. Many families rely on Medicaid to pay for in-home care (Medicaid Waiver) and long-term care (Medicaid) in long-term care assisted living or in a nursing home facility. You can benefit greatly from an expert Medicaid planning attorney who understands the qualification and application process for approval. The Martin Law Firm helps Indiana families protect their assets through Medicaid planning, whether in the pre-planning stage or when a health crisis arises and long-term care has already just begun.

Medicaid Pre-Planning:

There are many estate planning strategies to better qualify for Medicaid assistance without losing all the family’s assets prior to qualifying for Medicaid. With our expertise in Medicaid law, we can assist you in strategic planning to protect your wealth and preserve Medicaid eligibility without spending down all the family’s assets to protect those resources for you and your family.

Emergency Planning:

Often a family finds their loved one in a health crisis and long-term care has already begun. At Martin Law Firm we are experienced with creating legitimate and efficient resource-saving plans to help save the family’s assets, preserve assets and spousal income for a spouse remaining at home, and qualifying your loved one for Medicaid as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Things To Consider with Long-Term Care Planning

Some of you have spent months planning for a wedding and the birth of a baby into the family. But when it comes to planning for our long-term care, we prefer not to think about it, believing it will somehow all work out. Unfortunately, when it comes to long-term care planning, those who fail to plan are clearly the ones who risk losing the most. The cost of long-term care is the greatest threat to the financial security to you and your spouse, surpassing inflation and taxes.

At the Martin Law Firm, we have the experience and expertise to assist you in creating a solid plan to maximize your life savings and safeguard these assets from exposure to the rising cost of long-term care.

Planning proactively before a health care crisis occurs gives you options that are not available if you wait. Your options during a crisis are significantly limited and do not offer the same protections that a solid, proactive plan provides. A well thought-out long-term care plan involves an analysis of your age, any recent health diagnosis, your finances, your living arrangements, care providers and maximization of possible Medicaid and VA benefits. Conducting this analysis now and making these decisions for yourself provides you with control and a choice.

Don’t waste time worrying about what will happen if you outlive your savings. Put a plan in place today and focus, instead, on making lasting memories with your loved ones and leaving your legacy for future generations. One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and to your family is the peace of mind of knowing that your needs will be met in the event of a healthcare crisis.

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